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Tyrrells Crisps

Tyrrells Crisps are made in the Yarra Valley with Australia’s finest potatoes grown especially for them.

You won’t find anything artificial in a bag of Tyrrells Crisps – it’s a big no-no. Made in a nut free facility, contain absolutely no gluten and are a big hit with vegetarians… except the chicken ones!

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They’re not out to improve your sex life or change the world, but they do make a great beer. That we can promise.



Paul Louis

Paul Louis is a premium sparkling wine made in an authentic French aperitif style using the Traditional Method. Made with 100% Chardonnay from the Loire Valley in France – the largest producer of sparkling wine outside of Champagne.


Paul Louis Blanc de Blancs is a classic dry sparkling wine with fine and persistent bubbles packed full of fun. It offers aromas of white fruits, blossom and chamomile and a full mouth of fruity notes including peach and citrus. Delicious!!

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