Terms and Conditions

This is the small writing you see everywhere that you usually ignore but unfortunately is pretty important. Please take some time to have a read through the below. By accessing the Notel website, you agree and accept, without limitation, all of these conditions and terms of use. These conditions and terms govern Notel.



All reservations are made subject to these conditions and terms and the person who makes this reservation will be deemed to have accepted these conditions and terms on behalf of the individuals staying at Notel or using it’s facilities. All reservations are subject to availability. Notel is not responsible for reservation communication failures, malfunctions or others errors or entries on or in connection with the Notel website. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old in order to make a reservation at Notel. In addition, you agree to only make reservations in order to meet your personal needs, or those of another person over the age of eighteen (18) on whose behalf you are authorised to make reservations. Don’t be greedy.


Notel will accept full payment upon booking and may take up to seven (7) days to process this transaction. All bookings made with a credit card will incur a surcharge of 1.2%.


Gift vouchers purchases are non-refundable, sorry.


Notel allows you to cancel your booking up to 14 days prior to your scheduled check in time at no additional fee, good on us! If you wish to cancel your booking between 14 days and 7 days of your scheduled check in time, Notel will charge you 50% of the full amount of your accommodation rate. If you wish to cancel your booking less than 7 days of your scheduled check in time, you will be required to pay 100% of the full amount of your accommodation rate.


Notel includes third party products or services and Notel is not liable under any circumstance for any failure by third parties to provide those products or services at the time of your stay. Vouchers or other offers provided by third party companies are subject to conditions and terms specified by those third parties.


Standard check out time is indicated in your reservation confirmation. Any departure from Notel after that time may incur an additional cost. In the event that Notel’s properties located inside your Airstream deemed missing or stolen during the time of your stay, you will be held financially responsible. In the event that your personal possesions are lost, stolen or misplaced whilst on the Notel rooftop, Notel does not assume financial responsibility.


You agree that Notel use your email address to send you information and updates.


If you have any questions or concerns about these conditions and terms, please contact us.